Friday, February 25, 2005

A Hug and a Prayer

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Honestly, I am not a compassionate person. The practical side of me says don’t waste time feeling pitiful, do something logical and move on. This morning, I think I experienced compassion and it hurt.

An EMT vehicle came on our street. I watched prayerfully as they stopped in front of our dear grandparently neighbors house. My heart ached with compassion as I considered the flood of emotions that must be occurring inside their house. “Oh, God, what can I do?” He answered: wait. Our truly compassionate neighbor arrived on the scene. Without hesitation he went to their house. His report indicated that it was the husband but not too serious. “What now, God?” Keep watching and wait. Minutes passed then the kind grandfather was brought out on a stretcher. There seemed to be no urgency. But what now?

As the emergency response team pulled away, God said, “Now go.” A daughter had arrived. I went prepared to drive the wife or make phone calls. All she seemed to need right now was a hug and to know I was praying. I’ve spoken to this precious couple in small bits of conversation from time to time. Today, a hug and a prayer provided a sense of God’s peace to me and hopefully to her.

It was from God – had to be. You see, I’m not compassionate. Hugging is not in my personality. But with the help of those God has brought in my life over the past year, I’m learning to respond with compassion. A hug: a practical expression that goes beyond logic.

It reminds me of a hug I received on October 24, 1995 when I was going into labor far too early for my son to survive. The nurse’s name was Jamie. When she hugged me it was as if God himself was holding me. I hope God used my arms for His hug today.

If you are a hugger, keep hugging. If not, learn to hug. Your arms may deliver God’s comfort.

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Poppy said...

Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts about that day in October 1995. I will never forget the sobs of a young mother and her husband at the graveside of your son, our grandson. I am thankful for the person you are becoming. Keep up the good work. You are God's instrument.

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