Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Erec Rex fans and indebtedness to Jesus

A Bible study on Romans 8:1-8 asked the question "How much do you feel indebted to Jesus?"

This reminded me of a scene from Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness. If you like Harry Potter, I recommend you check out the Erec Rex series by Kaza Kingsley.

I don't want to give away the good parts of the story but there is a scene in which Erec is about to die and another character intentionally steps in the path of the death arrow.

It is more than the love of a friend. The character gives his life for the good of the entire world of which Erec has the ability to impact.

Erec's life is difficult and full of opposition. Like us, Erec has questioned whether it is worth the struggle. He has the option to escape to what would seem like a comfortable life. This character gave Erec a reason to persevere not only for himself but to honor the one who gave his life for him. This character also demonstrated his faith in Erec's ability by giving him a part of himself which would empower Erec to do even greater things.

Rephrasing Beth's question: Do I live to honor what Jesus did for me? Do I recognize that Jesus gave his life for me whether I am the Erec Rex character or one of those Erec will protect?

The other cool similarity is in the character giving a part of himself to Erec. Jesus has given us a part of himself, the Holy Spirit.

In the same way that Erec will depend on his gift, we must learn to depend on our gift to make the choices that will honor Christ.

How much do you feel indebted to Jesus? Are you living your life in honor of him and his intentions for life?

Receive the Holy Spirit and do not be afraid to follow what is revealed to you.

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Kaleidoscope said...

I want to say "Thanks for the challenge, Lisa," but easy as those words are to type, my heart trembles at the seriousness of stepping out to follow what the Holy Spirit reveals. The analogy provokes thought. A timeless truth framed in new story line. I can say "Thanks for sharing, Lisa."

Nancy Godfrey

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