Saturday, March 31, 2007

On Calvary

“On Calvary, Jesus seals his election as Messiah, holds firm to it despite the loneliness and desolation that are exerting tremendous pressure against his self-awareness as Son-Servant-Beloved.” Brennan Manning, The Importance of Being Foolish

The quote above reminded me of an experience I blogged about in May 2005, The Power of Love. Words escape me as I think of that experience and the additional words of Brennan Manning.

“The Cross confronts us with the cost of discipleship, reminds us that there is no cheap Pentecost, and carries within it the living power to enable us to endure the inevitable humiliations, rejections, sacrifices, and loneliness that the journey to higher Christian consciousness imposes.” Brennan Manning, The Importance of Being Foolish pg 170

Do you know the Power of Love? Can you hold firm to your commitment, your devotion, your passion for the purpose of Christ and the purpose of your life despite all circumstances?

My dear friend, wherever you are in your relationship with the all-knowing, all-loving God, know this: the power of love is greater than anything you can imagine. The power of love will hold you to a cross and raise you up out of the stench of death. The power of love will give you a sense of indescribable peace and passion for everyone around you – friend or foe. The power of love will give you a perspective like nothing you can reason on your own understanding.

This Easter, look at the cross and ask this question until you experience the answer from the all-powerful God. Why would a man - who, if he were God, could have called on 10,000 angels; if he were only human, could have denied the accusations to avoid suffering - allow mere mortals to pound stakes into his flesh?

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