Monday, April 02, 2007

Hard Drive Crash - April Fool!

They got me! It was pre-planned, prepared days in advance, and a nine year old kept a secret for several days.

My son and husband downloaded a screensaver that makes it appear the hard drive has crashed. One glitch, April Fools day fell on a Sunday this year and I try not to look at my laptop on Sunday. Well, this created an unacceptable situation for my son. So he decided to pretend that he had used my laptop for something and discovered the error message. His “mom, your computer isn’t working” drew my calm and suspicious response – “my computer doesn’t work on Sunday.”

His award winning performance got me to my office to see the error message. Having just experienced the hard drive crash scenario in December, I will admit my heart trembled slightly. But I chose to assume he was celebrating his favorite holiday – April Fools.

As I reflected on the “fun” joke, God reminded me that Satan enjoys pulling Fools pranks everyday with much higher stakes.

Are you seeing error messages in life that make your heart pause? Smile, you’re on Satan’s candid camera. Although it is no joking matter for him – he desires to destroy you and humiliate you forever. God, however, has provided the truth. Regardless of your circumstances you can laugh. Jesus is Risen and therefore we have hope in all things.

Cartoon used with Permission of Bonnie Fraser

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