Wednesday, October 26, 2005


What are you longing for? Do you ever have a sense that you can't quite reach whatever it is? Maybe you don't even know what it is.

My heart is longing these days. For what? I'm not exactly sure. A deeper relationship with God? Maybe. But that is so vague. What do I want from that relationship? Why am I longing for it?

Perhaps it's just friendship that I desire. My husband is incomparably my best friend and I have other dear friends literally around the world. I do sometimes wish for the neighbor-friend relationship I left in Georgia. But I recognize that was a special gift from God that can never be repeated.

But there is still something more that I’m longing for. Let's see if I can describe it.

I see a triangle. A three dimensional equilateral triangle. I guess that would make it a pyramid. Geometry is not my strength. Ok, at the top point is God. The rest of the triangle(s) consists of God's creation. Every person and thing in the pyramid knows and fully understands God’s supremacy as well as knowing that without him we all are just a formless mass.

Do you see it? God brings unity and purpose to the formless mass. The people and things that make up that mass understand their significance to the structure. They don’t try to reach the top - that’s God’s spot. All the rest of the spots are equally significant with each other in the formation of the pyramid.

Pyramids are fascinating. Although it is the shape that draws one’s attention, it’s the stuff inside and the question of “how’d they do that?” that is most intriguing.

Here’s an interesting site on pyramids:

What’s my point? - No pun intended. I feel like part of a formless mass. I want to know that I’m part of the pyramid. A pyramid not built by human hands and human reasoning.

I’m in search of a living pyramid whose only focus is to lean toward the top point and for the sides to lean on each other. A group of individuals who are more concerned with the formation of the mass than with their own personal formation. A body that encourages others to climb on top of them so we, together, can be a visible form in this world – causing people to look to the point. The point of our pyramid. The point of being.

I don’t think I’m alone in this search. I sense there are many who desire the same experience. The question that I have yet to answer is similar to the question historians have about ancient pyramids of Egypt. It seems like an enormous task. Far beyond our current human knowledge. So, how is the pyramid built?

I don’t have the answer but a good starting place is an interview with God.

The Interview With God
from the "Get Inspired Now Team"

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