Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weeds and Wildflowers

“In the broadest sense, a weed is any plant growing where it is not wanted.”

First let me clarify, I am not a gardener. I vaguely recall putting together a leaf collection for biology class but I think I must have cheated or the teacher labeled my leaves for me. I don’t remember anything from that class – expect the smell of dissecting an earthworm.

However, I love to walk. One of the nicest things about the Columbus Ohio area is the bike and walking paths. They are everywhere – through neighborhoods, along major roads and in the most impressive metropolitan park system I’ve seen.

My daughter and I recently took a walk through one of the “garden” Metro Parks. It is a great place for someone like me that loves to see nature but hasn’t a clue as to the name of any tree or plant. My eight year old daughter made sure we read every label along the path. So by the end of our walk, I was beginning to recognize some of the flowers.

All those plants were beautiful growing wild in the park. And, there were so many fascinating varieties; I didn’t view anything as a weed. That’s not so when I stroll the sidewalks in the neighborhood. I quickly notice who cares what’s growing in their yard and who doesn’t.

A similar thing happens with our ministry activities. Fall, winter, and spring are like a walk through the park. There is lots of variety both in activity and in those who attend. It’s great. We view it as a beautiful picture of a healthy ministry. Then summer comes and it’s more like walking through the neighborhood.

Regardless of the attendance and connection opportunities you have this summer, take time to stroll through your days and notice who cares about what. Be careful not to judge based on the desired appearance of your lawn.

This may be the best time to see who shares your passion for a specific ministry. Or it could be God’s class time for you. Watch for those lone sprouts who seem to be growing wild. They may need your attention. Not to be destroyed but to help them find where they will flourish and be viewed not as a weed but as a beautiful wildflower.

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