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Abortion, Freedom, and the Justice System

This post is a response to a Facebook forum discussion titled "Pro-Choice doesn't necessarily mean Pro-Abortion". You can read the posts at

After stating her personal conviction against abortion, the initial post stated, "I also believe in the sacrosanct right of Choice that the Good Lord has give each one of us when He gave us FREE WILL."

I agree that "pro-life" and "pro-choice" have become labels placing people on different sides of politics that may not be complete opposites. But freedom of choice from God is not political.

According to her argument, we should have the choice to drive in any way we desire, murder anyone we want, live absolutely self-absorbed lives without consequences from a system of government. God certainly gives us that kind of freedom of choice. And, I believe based on my personal experience and understanding of scripture, his justice system determines consequences now and for eternity at a level untouchable by human law.

The argument at hand is whether abortion should be legal. In much the same way as running a traffic light brings legal consequences, the question is whether we believe doctors should have no stop light in their practice of life and death.

The blogger states, "Freedom of choice is what gives us dignity and the possibility of earning merit as human beings. However, if there is nothing to choose on the plate, what good is power of choice for? We end up being like a bunch of sheep, each blindly following the tail of the one ahead! We become like mindless robots."

Interesting choice of words. I'm not going to be too rough on her because I know I have certainly made statements that sounded much different than I intended. But I will respond to these statements as they are worded.

Dignity does not come from having the freedom of choice. Dignity comes from what we do with that freedom. We do not earn merit as human beings, we are of great value and worth simply because we are human beings created by God out of his desire and love. My guess is that the blogger would agree with me if we were able to sit and discuss our statements in length.

Her indication that taking away the legal right to choose abortion is taking away our freedom of choice is a bit of a stretch. We obviously have choice in everything we do. I tell my kids I cannot make them do anything but I can provide the consequences for the action. This is the same for our legal system. Our prisons are full because people have a choice.

Her reference to sheep made me smile. That's really what it all comes down to. Who is our shepherd? I'll save that tangent for another blog. But for now, it's important to remember that our government is not our shepherd.

Whatever you believe on issues of abortion, war, health care, etc., our government should follow the desires of the people. That's democracy. That's the freedom our military men and women have fought for. Our government should never dictate the law based only on the louder voice nor on the government leaders' conscience of right and wrong. That is not democracy.

Our responsibility as citizens is to steer our governing representatives toward a life that is beneficial to all. United we stand, divided we fall. With reason and compassion for the common goal of unity, we should get to know our neighbors. Seeking first to listen, then be understood (I forget who said that) so that we bring about an existence that is best for everyone rather than preferred by some for a term of four years.

Those who want the best for all are spread throughout the political gamut and every segment of religious thought but we have to listen to each other far deeper than political "issues."

Our countries civil war should have destroyed all labels. Unfortunately, it seems we get rid of one set of labels only to move to another set which continues to divide and weaken rather than strengthening as unity would.

Imagine the country, the world, the life, we would have if everyone considered others better than themselves; if we quit trying to be equal to God and made ourselves nothing; if we woke up every morning with the desire to serve our neighbor, our co-worker, and even the strangers in our path. With that mindset, we do not become doormats. We become united in faith creating a world that is best for all of us. We extend the boundaries of heaven implementing His will on earth even as it is in heaven.

Let's get rid of labels and seek to be recognized as one nation where we act on our belief that all men (and women) are created equal. Whoever is elected, let's be united for the good of all. Instead of voicing complaints, voice solutions to your most available government leader along with discussing those solutions with your neighbors out of appreciation for the democracy we are blessed to have. Amazing things happen when we work together for the common good even at the most unseen levels of community.

You do have a choice regardless of any man-made laws. Labels, political parties, none of that really matters. The question is whose justice system do rely on for life?

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