Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feeling ineffective?

For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ 2 Peter 1:8
The adventure of life comes from knowing that we are participating with God. He provides everything. So why do we sometimes feel ineffective and unproductive?

Second Peter 1:5-7 lists eight qualities that will keep us from being ineffective if we continue to grow in them throughout life.
  • Faith (what God reveals) - God reveals things to us, not necessarily unique to us but things that are to be shared.

  • Goodness (the stuff we do because of what we believe is true) - Faith without goodness is just a dream that goes nowhere.

  • Knowledge (more than an opinion) - God provides resources to learn. Without adding knowledge, faith becomes weak fiction of our imagination.

  • Self-control (thinking before acting) - God must lead. I must follow otherwise the things God reveals take the path of human reasoning.

  • Perseverance (sticking with it) - Our own determination won't keep us going. It's easy to quit if its just about me and what I want. To be effective, we must accept the struggle of self-control.

  • Godliness (all the characteristics of God) - It's God's character that makes any effort productive. Self-control and perseverance bring about godliness. We can't impress others with who we are for very long. Godliness draws people to God.

  • Brotherly Kindness (working as a family) - This is the natural mentoring that happens between siblings. Appreciation, respect, care and working together for the sake of the family name.

  • Love (considering the best for others) - Love draws people to each other and is the source of strength for every other quality in this list: love of God, love for God, and love for others.
Basically, being effective in work and life comes down to this: God reveals, we respond and draw closer to him - causing others to experience faith.

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Anonymous said...

Good Stuff! I was feeling "ineffective" last week. It was faith and perseverance that I had to apply. Also another tidbit on being productive... operate in your purpose! We do so many noble things outside of our own assignment! I had to re-evaluate what I was involving myself in.

the mission:
PROCLAIM the good news; HEAL the sick and oppressed; BRING JUSTICE
~ Luke 4:16-20

Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing (John 14:12)
~ Jesus 

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