Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 Input/Output

Here's the books already on my bookshelf that I intend to read this year. Challenge: Read this list before buying/borrowing another book!

Currently Reading
Searching for Who Knows What by Donald Miller (just started this one)
Giving Ourselves to Prayer (need to finish, I'm on ch 58 of 80 or something like that)
Muslims, Christians & Jesus by Carl Medearis
Writing His Answer by Marlene Bagnull (2nd time through this one)

Doing Healing by Alexander Venter
Slaves, Women & Homosexuals by William J. Webb
The Heart of Racial Justice by McNeil and Richardson
Christ in the School of Prayer
Gregory of Nyssa - The Life of Moses
Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians
Confessions - Saint Augustine
Celebration of Discipline 
A Woman's Touch

Writing Books
Communicate to Change Lives in Person and Print by James Watkins
The Elements of Style (if you are a writer you know this book)
The Art of Column Writing by Suzette Martinez Standring
On Writing Well
Writing with Clarity and Style
Intro to Christian Writing

Bible Study Focus
The Gospels & Acts
Minor Prophets

Writing Focus
What I learn from all the reading plus...
When We Pray - Freeing the Timid Prayer Warrior
With All My Heart - Accepting God Just as He Is
Blinded by the Church - My Journey from a Facade of Fruitless Faith to Truth

Watch for quotes from what I read at my other blog Grow2Sow

Won't be blogging here regularly until I get into a routine of submitting work for publication.

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