Monday, February 05, 2007

Questioning God

Rich Nathan at Vineyard Columbus spoke on “Meeting God at the Cross” this past weekend. His emphasis was on the reality that not only did God come to earth to suffer for us, he also suffered with us.

Throughout the message God was revealing something to me that was bigger than I could comprehend at the time. As I was journaling it became a little clearer. Here’s the one statement from my journal that blew me away:

“Not only did God become like man, he became man. He became his own creation so that he would fully experience what his created experiences – questions.”

Let that soak in while you read Mark 15:24-24 and Psalm 22.

May God add the blessing of understanding as you read his word.


Susan said...

I'm going to have to think on that one a bit!!

Our Emmaus weekend was awesome. The Pilgrims were blessed...and God was glorified.


:-) Susan

Sincerity said...

God is so mysterious and wise and beautiful! Only He could think of doing what He has done.

I don't understand his love but I am eternally thankful that He chose to suffer with us.

claire said...

that is amazing about God eh - th at he became flesh and dwelled amoung us, going thru all the stuff we face... love Him so for that!

just nwe to your blog - fround it on CWO roll, i've ust joined, i think...


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