Thursday, August 23, 2007

God, what is it that you think about me?

This question was presented by Sara Carlisle at Vineyard Columbus Women’s Summer Series last night. It’s a great question especially following the question she first encouraged us to ask: “How do I think about God?”

Most of the time, how we think about someone greatly influences our impression of what we think they think about us.

For example, several years ago I worked in an open office environment – lots of desks in one big room. One day a co-worker said something to me that still impacts me 17 years later. “Lisa, you think everyone likes you don’t you?” Stunned at first, but my response came from my heart and it applies today both in positive and negative ways. “Well, yes. I like everyone. So I assume they like me unless I give them a reason not too.”

You see. How I think about someone greatly influences how I think they think about me. Neither may be accurate but it impacts my attitude toward everything in life.

With God, I can read his word and discover that he loves me… unconditionally. There is nothing I can do to cause him not to love me.[*] If I let that truth sink in, it will influence my response to everything that goes on around me.

So, how do you think about God? Before the next question, ask God if what you think about him is true. Now, ask God what it is he thinks about you. Keeping your mind on the truth of who God is and what he thinks about you will change the way you experience today.

Keep Growing and Sowing,

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