Friday, August 24, 2007

Is Jesus Coming for a Wife or a Bride?

I love this question posed by Lisa Bevere in Discover Your Inner Beauty. She uses an entire chapter but I can’t wait to blog about this one section of comparing Adam and Eve to Christ and his bride.

Here’s some snippets:

“John [Lisa’s husband] did not ask me to marry him because I was a good cook, a great mother, a good housekeeper, a wonderful helpmate or financially responsible…. He married me for one reason – companionship.

“God brought Eve out of Adam’s side for this same reason…. God put Adam into a deep sleep and removed a rib from his side, which God used to create Eve. Then God presented her to Adam. Eve had been hidden in Adam all along.

“In the same way, the Father has prepared us as the bride of Christ. The death of Christ…brought forth His bride, the church. Now we, as the bride, anxiously await the marriage supper of the Lamb where we will see Him face to face and be joined together with Him forever.”

I’m not doing so well in the areas of housekeeper and helpmate these days so it is refreshing to be reminded that my husband did not marry me for those qualities.

The same thought can apply to our relationship with Christ. He didn’t die so that we would serve him. As Bevere points out “we can do nothing of eternal value apart from Him, so it is foolish to think we can do anything for Him. We only produce what is acceptable and life giving when we work with Him.”

When there is laundry in the dryer or a dish washer that needs unloaded and my husband is sitting on the couch after a long day at work, sitting beside him for companionship is much more enjoyable for both of us.

Is your relationship with Christ like the joyful days of engagement before your wedding or is it more like the tiresome days of raising a family and keeping a house? We are only a bride for a short time. But the wedding that is coming will be like none other. Once we are the wife of God’s only begotten son, there will be no more sorrow, no more dirty laundry.

Enjoy the engagement!

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