Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Congress to the Brothel by Linda Smith

"It was as if God Himself whispered in my ear, 'Touch her for Me.' My hand suddenly weighed 90 pounds. I froze. My head felt light from holding my breath. I could taste the stench. Would the filth make me vomit? Would I contract a deadly disease by just breathing the air? I wanted to leave my hands safely in my pockets, with my arms pressed tightly to my sides to avoid brushing up against anything. But I couldn't ignore the internal voice: 'Touch her for Me.'" ~ Linda Smith
This book is very well written. Far more than facts and figures, Smith includes her personal thoughts and reactions, allowing the reader to grasp the reality of the sex trafficking industry.

With only 102 pages, it can be easily read and passed on as a quick introduction for those who are skeptical about or new to the topic of modern-day slavery.

The personal stories of the children and young women in India, Australia, Fiji, the Netherlands, and the United States are more than just names and numbers. Smith gives their story as a friend sharing their pain... and celebrating their freedom.

She doesn't leave the reader at a dead end. She reminds us the task is not more than we can handle together. Organizations like Shared Hope International have started the work. Her final words, "All you have to do is show up."

You can get a free copy of this book by visiting www.sharedhope.org. This is not a book to keep on your shelf. Read it and pass it on.

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Julie Morrison said...

thanks for the info on how to get a free book. I can't explain the compassion I feel for these ladies, maybe it's the female opression that gets to me, maybe it's how hopeless they must feel...I burn to do something about it, redeem them, pray for them something. They haunt me at times.Thanks.

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