Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Sacred Bath by Theresa Flores

Flores shares a story that needs to be told. I imagine it was a painful story to write, as it is a difficult one to read. Throughout the book I had to remind myself that this was not fiction. This happened and still happens over and over throughout our country and around the world.

An upper middle class teenager from a family of healthy, strong morals is lured into the sex trade industry. Her attraction, curiosity, and trust of those others shun place her in circumstances that go beyond her ability to control.

The story emphasizes a teenager's perspective and the options she perceived in a two-year nightmare. A teen reading this will be encouraged to rely on their innate ability to sense something wrong and avoid this or equally threatening situations before it is too late. The greater message is for parents, teachers, and other professionals who may come across teenagers trapped in this horrid industry which steals the innocence from an estimated 1.2 million children every year (UNICEF).

This book is self-published and would be greatly enhanced by a professional editor. I would like to see Flores seek out an experienced ghost writer or editor to increase the potential of being published and distributed to a larger audience through a traditional publishing house.

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You may also be interested in reading the National Institute of Justice Special Report (Dec 2007), Commerical Exploitation of Children: What Do We Know and What Do We Do About It?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lisa, for posting this review. It is such an important issue that I am moved by, as well. I want to read Theresa's book.

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