Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sacred Sex by Tim Alan Gardner

This book offers a perspective that could help not just marriages but also our cultures messed up perspective of sex. It's been fun to watch my kids and their friends (8-11 yrs old) see me reading a book with s-e-x in the title. It has given me plenty of opportunities to tell them that sex is a gift from God intended to be fabulous when used as intended - just like gifts they receive at Christmas.

Gardner states "if you're ready to begin a journey of sexual discovery that takes the focus off orgasm and puts it on oneness, you've come to the right place."

Made me think of taste buds. Yeah, taste buds. We need food to sustain life. God provided the pleasure of taste buds to enhance the experience of satisfying that need. Likewise, God designed us for oneness - a need to be united with another person intimately. He provided the pleasure of orgasm to enhance the experience of fulfilling that need.

The problem - at least in this country - most of us eat more for the pleasure than for the sake of satisfying the need for food.

I highly recommend this book for all human beings. Yes, single or married including teens. This is not a puritan perspective of sex. This book reveals the intended priorities which when ordered correctly greatly enhance the pleasure of the sexual experience in every way.

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Julie Morrison said...

I was happy to discover this book on our bookshelf at home. It is a really wonderful book worth rereading. ANother great book was Sheet Music by Dr. Lehman. Lock the doors!

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