Thursday, January 29, 2009

50 Things in Life I Enjoy Most

  1. Laughing
  2. Reading
  3. Doing anything as a family
  4. snuggling with hubby
  5. snuggling with my kids
  6. thought provoking conversations with anyone
  7. chat time with my son at bedtime
  8. date night with my daughter
  9. family vacations
  10. seeing new places
  11. eating at new restaruants
  12. getting to know people with different perspectives
  13. receiving revelation from God
  14. true corporate worship - sensing God's presence with others
  15. hearing revelation/insight confirmed thru someone else
  16. walking hand-in-hand with hubby
  17. when my kids initiate holding my hand in public
  18. doing the Wizard of Oz walk with one child on each arm
  19. hugs from my son - especially the unexpected ones
  20. working on something fun with my daughter
  21. hearing my kids enjoy each other as friends
  22. seeing my son help his little sister learn
  23. seeing my daughter show her older brother something of interest to both of them
  24. going for walks with God
  25. getting up early for true quiet time with God
  26. connecting with friends online
  27. meeting friends for lunch
  28. walking with hubby at Highbanks metro park
  29. going to the Bahamas with my Georgia neighbor
  30. overnight getaways with hubby
  31. attending meaningful conferences
  32. having a hotel room to myself
  33. talking to strangers
  34. going to the same cashier at Giant Eagle every week
  35. dancing when no one is watching
  36. singing when no one is listening
  37. feeling nothing but passion when I speak to an audience
  38. provoking emotion or positive responses when I speak
  39. hearing the audience laugh at my humor
  40. researching a topic for a speaking project
  41. Toastmasters
  42. watching a movie based on a true story
  43. the feeling of being at the scene when I'm reading fiction
  44. fixing a family meal all four of us really like
  45. having company
  46. playing games with my kids, family, or company
  47. blogging
  48. listening to someone who is searching for truth
  49. finding something I know someone would like and getting it for them without any reason for a gift
  50. making a baby smile
I don't generally do this type of post but found it to be a fun exercise this morning. Feeling down? Got cabin fever? Make your list of the 50 Things in Life you enjoy most. I bet it will keep your mind running and a smile on your face all day long.

the mission:
PROCLAIM the good news; HEAL the sick and oppressed; BRING JUSTICE
~ Luke 4:16-20

Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing (John 14:12)
~ Jesus 

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