Friday, January 14, 2005

Are You Hungry?

I need to be doing bookkeeping but I just gotta write!

It’s hard to say that I have just one favorite book or chapter in the Bible. But today, it’s the sixth chapter of John. It’s 70 verses long and I have a lot of them underlined with different pens indicating that God has spoken to me from this chapter at various times in my life. Some of them I remember specifically.

Today’s focus was on verse 11. This is when Jesus fed 5,000 men with just five small loaves of bread and two fish.

John 6:11 (The Message)
11Then Jesus took the bread and, having given thanks, gave it to those who were seated. He did the same with the fish. All ate as much as they wanted.

Later in the chapter, Jesus says that he is the true bread, bread of life, the living bread that came down from heaven. The first chapter of John tells us that Jesus is the Word. Jesus offers us as much as we want. Are you hungry? How much do you want? Take it. There’s plenty to go around for everyone. His Word is the bread of life.

A lot more thoughts in my head but bookkeeping is waiting.

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