Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Duty or Desire

It seems many Christians look at quiet time as one of the "rules" of being a good Christian. That is so far from the truth. When I ask someone how their quiet time is, there is often a look of guilt if they aren't having a regular quiet time. I have recently (within the past couple years) come to a point in my relationship with God that I no longer have the "guilt" look when I'm not having a quiet time. I have a weary, missing you look. Like when hubby has been on a business trip all week and I'm both exhausted from doing life alone and so looking forward to being with him again.

My times with God are my favorite time of day. I used to feel "good" if I got in a quiet time at least 5 days a week. Who would have time on the weekend? ha Now, it's one of those things I don't want to miss - even on the weekend. I usually have my first cup of coffee with God each morning before anyone else is awake. I like the morning quiet. I often light a candle and sit in silence (except for the sound of the coffee pot) then I just talk with God about who He is. I recently purchased two very good books that have helped me with this. They are Praying the Attributes of God by Rosemary Jensen and Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler.

When the coffee is done, I do some reading and reflecting as I chat with God. I am not currently in a structured Bible study. Recently, I've been using the Bible study guide in a magazine "SpiritLed Woman". Along with the books mentioned above that are designed to be read as daily devotionals, I'm also reading Too Busy Not To Pray by Bill Hybals. (I'm a book junkie right now. I wrote down all the books I'm somewhat "actively" reading - lol - I can't believe I used to hate to read)

My special place is our "dining room table" - it seldom gets used for dining. lol On the wall across from the seat I use is the picture "Jesus Laughing". I love that picture. Sometimes when I'm all stressed out about something, I might get into some emotional praying. Then I look up and see Jesus laughing and I start laughing. He's in control and it's not a burden for him.

Relationship with God is so much more energizing than following rules and expectations. I am a friend of God. He calls ME friend. WOW! That is so cool.

Well, like a friend said regarding her quiet times, "my style may not suit everyone." I hope it wouldn't. Because our relationships with God, just like with other people, are each unique. It has a lot to do with our personality not a proper methodology.

Desire the relationship. Enjoy the Journey!

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