Thursday, January 06, 2005

Infinite Thinking

There once was a young girl who was designed to think
She thought and she thought in her finite way
There is no God in this day

She grew cold and cynical and challenged her friends
Who claimed that a Christ lived within them

She questioned and argued
Your Jesus is a man
You follow him just like any cult member can

She sat through church services with bitterness in her heart
If God is real
What is the deal?

Her life was great fun
With laughter and work
The bar buddies bring memories
The church folk would think quirk

Her friends in the world are always the same
The church folk – they change
From rejoicing to shame

Then one day she noticed
In church as she sat
No bitterness, no warmth, no feeling, no regret

All emotion was gone
Her heart didn’t care

Is this what was learned
From training in church
The heart grows hard from continual search?

With little desire
But still thinking
She went

To the altar
To meet with one of those
Christian gents

She told him she didn’t know
If she wanted this life
Believing without seeing
Just didn’t make sense

This gent and his wife
They seemed different to her

They listened, not judging or condemning and when
She saw them at home or at church where they taught
They seemed much the same no matter the spot

They seemed intelligent
Why would they believe?
Her curious mind still
Thinking within time

Debating was fun
And rarely did she lose
She'd challenge this couple
Then see what they choose

But this gent stopped her cold
She was speechless in fact

“The Bible is not on trial”
He said matter of fact
So will you believe
Or continue denial

With nothing else to say
She agreed to pray
Not expecting a thing
To happen that day

“God if you are real
Take away my doubt”
That’s all it took
It was gone, she could shout

Her finite thinking
Was expanded beyond
The five senses we know
But there’s more than fish in the pond

Her life had been changed
Even while she still questioned
Why would God do this
Any suggestion?

He created us to be
In relationship with him
Man messed that up
When he thought he could win
All the knowledge of God
In his own little whim

God in his sorrow
Expected as much
So he sent his own son
Who was equal to such

Christ laid down his equality
And became one of us
To suffer and die
And end Satan’s lie

He rose from the dead
To show us the power
Of not just a man
But God, our strength and our tower

This man, fully God, restored the intent
For without him in God’s presence
No man could ascend

It was mankind restored
But each one must choose
Will you accept who you are
And not try to walk in His shoes?

He loved me long before
My finite mind can imagine
Now he’s given me faith
To think and to soar

My thoughts are not limited
As they were before
My God is infinite
Now my mind thinks much more

I wish I could tell you what all I have seen
Not with my eyes
That’s not what I mean

There is another sense
That man often dreams
It’s as real as the five
But much more keen

It’s not on the outside
It comes from within
This body we see
Is finite you know
But the body that’s coming
Will never slow

There is within us
The image of God
Created to last on eternity’s sod

As a writer, it’s fun
To think infinitely
And not limit my thoughts
To the size of a pea

Thank you for reading this story I tell
You see, it is true
It’s how God brought me
To life, free from Hell


Sprout said...

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Terry Whalin said...

Good work, Lisa. Keep it up. Terry The Writing Life

Austin said...

Hey Lisa,

This is Austin Abney! Dad sent me your blog! I have one too... you can check it out at! I look forward to checking out yoru blog some more. Hope you're going well. Tell Jeff I said Hi!


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