Friday, January 14, 2005

Seeing Clearly

I have a friend, a funny dame
She used to laugh and had no shame

Her motto: Don’t Worry, Be Happy; did show
At work, at home, for anyone to know

She went on and on and on in life
Married her prince, she’s a very good wife

Later in time they added to the family
A boy, a girl and all looked quite dandy

Age took its toll she thought in time
I’ve got to get out and quit this mime

So this is mid-life growing grumpy and old
This can’t be good, the way she did scold

Pray, pray, pray some more
This must be a battle of spiritual war

She’s bitter, she’s angry, she trusts no one you see
Her husband walking around on thin ice with each plea

A series of events led to this circumstance
A ministry and a mentor God delivered not by chance

Share your life, talk it out with one and with all
He got the ball rolling with one simple call

This will do it, this is what works
An outlet for God’s love and a place for her quirks

She read lots of books, she was having a ball
But at home it was not well, not well at all

She had not noticed the slow change in her life
She was too busy and tired to see the strife

Meals were seldom for her or the family
Cereal seemed fine and was always quite handy

Sleeping was tough but that’s expected to happen
When you’re the mother of a boy who’s just past seven

Thoughts of death, well that’s common for all
Women have said so she claimed to recall

Intimacy with hubby was not lack of desire
She just couldn’t muster the energy to aspire

She tried counselors and doctors, both were quite sure
Her life was typical, she needed no cure

Time will pass have no despair
Time will take care of all needed repair

Time did pass and things got much worse
Now not just family but church folks were cursed

God in his sovereignty had already planned
For the mentor to speak without taking a stand

Let’s look at your anger and see what it shows
Is it other people that are causing your woes?

That brought to light the attitudes bestowed
Deep down inside was a much heavier load

Obsessed with ideas is not at all becoming
To one who is typically calm and enjoys humming

One more thought the mentor shared
A woman your age may be hormone impaired

Find a good doctor, one who will listen
Take care of yourself if you want your life to glisten

God guided the search and delivered the number
It took just a few calls before she did slumber

The office convenient, roomy and warm
The staff asked the questions as was the norm

The nurse took notes to hand to the doc
When she came in, they had a very good talk

It’s most likely not hormones but there is something there
Let’s try something simple to ease your despair

Zoloft was given to help anxiety heal
We’ll give it five weeks and see how you feel

I’m not depressed or anxious she thought
I minister to women, I’m not the one distraught

But she gave it a try, she was willing to see
If it could possibly make a change in her history

Within one week life seemed brighter
She played with her kids, she cuddled with daughter

Her husband’s response was one of relief
No more thin ice beneath his feet, no more grief

The kids noticed too how now they could shout
Mom was laughing and dancing and playing about

Holding mom’s hand and noticing a smile
The daughter proclaimed she hadn’t smiled in a while

Love, joy, peace they were back in her life
Patience, kindness, goodness were cutting through the strife

With even greater appearance were the last three you know
Faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

God is omnipotent and he designed us you know
For prayer, other people and the plants that we sow

Medicine is not the fruit of the Spirit that’s true
But as one song writer said, it may give just the view

It may clear the obstruction and give energy as needed
To reach up to God’s hand when life’s felt unweeded

Now watch out for that log as you look at this speck
There’s no need to name “my friend” you detect

One in four women will suffer severely
An episode of depression much more than just teary

Thank God if you’re one of three that’s lived freely
For He might just use you to help the one see clearly

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Julie Morrison said...

I am thankful that you sought help. It will impact your children's lives more than you know. My mother was chronically depressed beginning with postpartum at 21. Because she didn't get the help she needed she attempted suicide twice in her life, resented the six kids she brought into life and spent most of her life angry. After almost two years in psychiatric counseling they medicated her and found beyond that they could do no more. But because she still needed more help, they recommened a deliverance pastor.
It was a dramatic transformation, but coping patterns were difficult for her to overcome. She still struggles, and the six kids are living out some pretty difficult lives as a result of her emotional unavailability. God bless you. More Christian need to understand this challenge. May the Lord continue to bless you.

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